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Artificial Closers

A.I. Client Automation Coaching | Includes 5 Sessions

A.I. Client Automation Coaching | Includes 5 Sessions

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Learn more about our Coaching Program. 

A.I is making it possible for ANYONE to start and/or scale their business online. 

& we are here to prove it in our 

We coach entrepreneurs on how to use Chat GPT

To create & automate their ENTIRE client funnel 

in just

30 Days or less

& just 5 coaching calls.  

Step 1 - One on One strategy call

If you don't have a business, we will help you brainstorm on how to create value.

If you do have a business, we will share some ideas around your angles. 



Select a time slot for each of these FOUR group calls

(various time slots available every week)


Creating your Offers A.I. (60 min)

Products, offer pages, bundles, guarantees, testimonials

Creating Brand Story using  A.I. (60 min)

Front end offers, Landing Pages, email sequence

Creating Sales Process using  A.I. (60 min)

SMS automation, talk tracks, steps of the sales call

Automating your funnel using A.I. (60 mins)

Learn how to use our software to automate your entire business and spend more time doing what you do best, serving clients. 


Once you purchase your package, you will receive a text

with a link to book your first 30 min strategy call.

There you will receive access to our live weekly coaching calls.

We look forward to meeting you!



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